Stuck in your Head

And turns out, you're singing it all wrong.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Je T'aime, Te Amo, I Love You.

The last song before Ave Maria that I learned in chorale.

And wait--there's more! More sapcrappiness. I made up the term. That's why it's crappy.

After ten years, I have finally found you
No, more than a decade! More than ten years!
And it seems that you are too good to be true
Sadly, you are just as true as all of my fears

I fear that you are a lightyear too far,
That the Dreammaker didn't make you for me
For you're simply an unreachable star:
The epitome of inhuman beauty

I never thought that one like you could be real
For you match my idea of the perfect guy
If I saw you again, I don't know how I would feel!
Maybe close, but still far, and too low, then too high

Nip it in the bud is what I should do
To these feelings starting to grow within me
It must go now, as fast as it first flew
Forget it first flew when I was two or three"

Sapcrappiness! *bow*

"Watashiwa anatao aistomasu. Ich liebe diche, iniibig kita. Paano man sasabihin, ang mundo'y turuan natin, tanging lunas ang pag-ibig."

P.S. They put me in soprano 2! So low! So very, very low!

Friday, August 8, 2008

That's Why I'm Kissaphobic.

Sigh. We still have two tests tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow, Saturday, August 9, 2008.

Yesterday, we had our Filipino test and my classmate left her reviewer. I took it, being an officer, and decided that I'd return it today... which I didn't actually get to do. Anyway, there was a page that had tons of lyrics from songs on them, Little Joanna included. It just amused me, because before I even looked at that, I was singing Little Joanna. Yeah. Shallow. :D

A few days ago, my eldest brother and I had a conversation that made me realize how spoiled I actually am. I can't help it, really. I'm the youngest girl of eight 'children'! ['children' because they're all adults already. xD]

The subject matter actually came up because of the topic of Lucky Me Pancit Canton. He was gonna cook some, and I told him I felt envious of him and that I felt bad about having dinner because of him. I also told him that I missed the times back when I was a bit younger and my second eldest brother would cook Pancit Canton for himself and share it with me, too. Then there, my brother went, "You're spoiled a!".

And something happened today that made me agree with it. I can be a scatterbrain sometimes, and yesterday, I lost my busmate's hairband. I was so freaked out, and I told whoever was near about it, hoping that she would be able to help somehow. Of course, no one really managed to help me that much.

When I got home (successfully avoiding my busmate by riding on the 1st trip), I was so disturbed that I told my mom, and it seems that when it comes from my mom, it's always more sensible and credible. [Which makes me wonder why some of my friends never bother to tell their moms anything.] Anyway, she told me to text my busmate and tell her about what happened, and tell her that I'd pay her. I obeyed, then waited for a reply.

But the thing is, she never replied, so all I did was pray and pray and pray to God and her guardian angel that she wouldn't get too mad at me the next morning.

So there. God spoils me, because the next morning, when I gave her the money, she didn't get mad at all. Not even a bit. Maybe I'm sounding a little too religious for you, but I am Roman Catholic, after all. It's my duty to be religious. :D

Anyway, my mom cooked Pancit Canton for me this afternoon! Two packs! I still helped her, but with instant noodles, what could you help her with? xD

Well, have a nice day, reader! xD

PS The Twilight series is so fudgin overrated. ^__^

Gabrielle the Spoiled and Childish Teenager

"Little Joanna's like a laserbeam sky. Gluteus maximus like a firefly (XDD)."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How Am I Supposed to Pretend I Never Want to See You Again?

Campus - Vampire Weekend

Long title, I know. Today, I am exactly 13 years and 3 months old. :D

I don't know how people manage to get used to things like high school and teenagehood, but it seems that they just do. Before April 22, I couldn't believe that I'd be a 13 year old high school freshman already. But here I am now, sick and tired of high school, only a little over a month after school started.

Loving school is not part of my nature. Well, maybe essays aren't part of my nature. I like to write and all, but I just get too lazy when I'm actually instructed to do so. Is it possible for an "artist" to like Math and Science? It is, isn't it?

I must admit that I'm not like my siblings who took up Visual Communication in the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines, and graduated from there, too, with pretty good grades. Or maybe I'm not like them yet. My mom won't have me taking up the same course as they did, though. I believe that it is right of her to feel that way, since 3 out of my 7 siblings graduated from there, and 1 is studying there right now.

Maybe I should take up Interior Design... Though it would be hard to find a job.

But why the hell am I thinking of these things already? Like I said, I'm only 13 years and 3 months old! I have... *counts* 3 years and 9 months more to decide. I'll wait until then. xD

"Then I see you, you're walking 'cross the campus. Cruel professor studying romances..."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

MOO MOO Shake Shake

OH CRAP. Oh, hi. :D

Some people in my street are playing these dance songs and one was Shake and Drop by Flo Rida and many many others. And I messed up the lyrics again. xD

Anyway, my arms hurt, my abdomen hurts, my thighs hurt. I am definitely not physically fit. But I knew that way before we had our PFT. :)) It just doesn't show because I'm not fat. *Are you still there? Still alive? I'm kinda... high.*

I'll have to do my homework later. :-/

I don't know what else I'm supposed to say...


Uh... UP ANG GALING MO @ 100!

Uh... Bye. :D

"Move move shake shake now drop (What your mamma sayy)..."

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A B C D...

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that I'm crying and stuff right now, since I'm having my monthly thingamachurva. But it still just sucks that at home, I have no right to command anyone. I can't ask a sibling to get off the computer because I need to research. I have to wait until this time just to be able to do my assignments. Hey, I do procrastinate, but when I know that I'm in danger of getting a low grade, I work.

I was tearing up a while ago, even when I already had the computer. Shallow reasons. One was that my brother (who already wouldn't get off the computer) is using what is probably my Pilot ballpen. I asked him if it was his, and he said yes. But I know that he has his own ballpen. One which still has its price tag. He should know that that's mine. It was right on my notebook when I left it on the desk yesterday. If you believe that when you're at home, things can't be "stolen" from you, I think you're quite mistaken. Mistaken when you base it on this household, anyway.

Seven siblings can be fun, but it can also be annoying. No, we don't fight lots. We don't even tease each other. We just go about our own business most of the time. I definitely don't have many choices, since I'm pretty much the distant child, being 7 years younger than the one right before me, and 19 years the junior of the eldest one.

Anyway, moving on to a lighter but still shallow topic, we had our club period today, and a different kind of ABC was taught to us a while ago. It sounds wonderful with blending, though I've already forgotten the tune. The lyrics are obviously impossible to forget, unless I suddenly got hit by a car and had amnesia (I really don't want that to happen though. xP)

So there. That was my shallowly suckish day. I hope yours was better.